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A Fake Love (Full Version)

After chatting on a dating app, Candy and Gianluca meet in his home. He makes her sit on the couch and they start talking. When he asks her what are her interests, she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over his mouth and nose. He struggles and she sits over him, so he doesn't escape. She keeps the cloth until he passes out.

Candy ties him up and asks him where is the money. He doesn't want to tell her where it is, so she starts playing with him. She puts her both stinky feet in socks over his mouth and nose, pushing them tight and smothering him. She continues in this way for some minutes, then she takes off the socks, remaining in pantyhose. She asks where is money again, but he replies it is not at home. This makes her angry, so she puts a sock inside his mouth to gag him and continues the punishment, pushing tight her both stinky feet in pantyhose over his mouth and nose. When he can breathe under them, he can only smell the strong odour. She didn't wash them, to subdue him better.

Gianluca doesn't give in, but Candy has a lot of patience and she is determined to receive the information at any cost. She takes off the pantyhose and decides to continue punishing him with bare feet. She puts one over his mouth to gag him and pinches his nose with the toes of the other one, smothering him without mercy. Gianluca doesn't want to reveal where money is, so she has to bear the sadistic game of the blonde thief, who pushes and keeps the stinky feet over his mouth and nose for long time.

Since he doesn't tell her where money is, she smothers him with her feet until he passes out. She will find another way to get what she wants.

Models: Candy, Gianluca
Time 37:40
Size 2908 MB
Format MP4

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