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Feet Challenge 2 Full Version

Bored with the usual routine, Pamela and Xena, two roommates just returned home from work, meet their friend Gianluca, who is handling a camera. He proposes them a unusual and funny game, where they have to show their feet and play with them.

The two rommates takes off their high heels shoes and show a close up of their soles in pantyhose. Then Pamela puts her both feet over Xena's mouth and nose and pushes them tight, smothering her. After some minutes, Xena does the same thing to Pamela, pushing her both sweaty and stinky feet over her face. Pamela "replies", putting a veiled foot over her mouth and nose, closing her nostrils with the toes. Gianluca meanwhile continues to film them with the camera and curiously observes how his friends continue to smother each other with their feet.

Pamela and Xena takes off their pantyhose and shows a close up of their bare feet. They invite Gianluca to fondle and worship them. He doesn't have it repeated twice, so he starts fondling Xena's soles, tickling her lightly. Then she does the same thing to Pamela.

The man convinces her two friend to continue the foot smother challenge and they agree. Pamela puts her both stinky feet over Xena's mouth and nose and pushes them tight. Then both women continue the challenge, smothering each other with their bare feet. Near the end, we can see the suffering face of Pamela while Xena pushes her bare foot tight over her mouth and nose.

Models: Pamela, Xena
Time 32:31
Size 2355 MB
Format MP4

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