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Four Feet Dream

Gianluca sees Gaia and Pamela who are looking into his eyes and laughs. He feels weak and can't move.

Both women shows a close up of their soles in pantyhose. They make provocative movements with toes.

They put their stinky feet over his mouth and nose, so he has to smell them. They have fun to do it and laughs again. This make Gianluca excited, who understand he is dreaming, because he never stayed under four feet of two beautiful women, the same ones who wanted to hurt him in real life.

The pantyhose domination continues for several minutes. Gianluca gently sniffs and feels the pleasant contact of nylon on his skin.

Gaia and Pamela take off their pantyhose and show a close up of their bare soles for a couple of minutes. Then they put their stinky feet over his mouth and nose, forcing him to smell them again.

Gianluca's dream continues. Now she can feel and smell four bare feet of younger and beautiful women. Gaia and Pamela are not tired. They rub their toes over his face and sometimes they show a close up of their soles. The foot smelling domination never finishes, like the heavenly dream.

Models: Gaia, Pamela, Gianluca
Time 26:37
Size 2048 MB
Format MP4

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