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How We Use Our Feet 2 (Full Version)

The video starts with Andrea who is just being captured. Maat keeps him handgagged, while Lara taunts him. The two mistresses decide to bring him to the bedroom and give him an unusual kind of punishment. They take off their long boots and make him to smell them. Then they begin the real humiliation.

Lara puts her both stinky feet in pantyhose over his mouth and nose, pushing them tight and smothering him. Maat shortly after does the same thing, so the poor slave has to smell the stinky feet in pantyhose of both women and at the same time, being smothered by them. The mistresses are quite sadistic, so they continue playing with him in this way for several minutes, pushing their feet tight over his mouth and nose and kicking his stomach. Andrea can't resist and passes out.

The two sadistic mistresses decide to take off their pantyhose and continue the domination with their bare stinky feet. This time they make the game harder than before. Maat pushes a foot tight over Andrea's nose and pinches his nostrils with toes. Lara shortly after does the same thing. The young mistresses repeatedly smother the poor slave with their bare feet and they do it in a new way. Maat puts her large foot inside his mouth, gagging him, while Lara pinches his nose with toes. Andrea can't breathe and the two women have fun to see him suffering and gasp for air under their feet.

They continue smothering the poor slave, pushing the feet tight for long time. Andrea can't do nothing to escape from them. He is forced to stay under their feet, until pass out for the second time. 

Models: Lady Maat, Lara, Andrea
Time 34:07
Size 2478 MB
Format MP4

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