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Powerful Feet Of Wife 2 (Full Version)

Xena is on the couch, waiting for her husband Gianluca to finish getting ready. She is elegantly dressed, with pantyhose and high heels, because they have to go to an important meeting. Gianluca sits on the armchair and when she notices he is still shirtless, she reproaches him, telling him they will arrive late to the meeting.

Now certain that they will be late, Xena decides to punish her husband. She grabs and drags him to the couch, sitting on top of him. She puts her stinky feet in pantyhose over his mouth and nose, pushing them tight and making him to smell them. She keeps them for some minutes, mocking and humiliating him. She sits over his face, smothering him with the ass and while she is doing it, she pinches his nipples at the same time. Then she puts the feet in pantyhose over his mouth and nose and continues smothering him with them. She has no mercy and has fun to see his suffering face while she pushes a foot over it, in a rough way.

Xena thinks the punishment has to continue, but in a different way, so she takes off the pantyhose. She sits on Gianluca's top again and puts a bare foot over his mouth and nose, pinching it with the toes. She takes a magazine and sits over his face, staying over his mouth and nose for long time, while he can't breathe under her ass. She is quite sadistic and loves so much dominating him in this way.

The wife puts a bare foot inside his mouth and pinches his nose with another one, combining a rough foot gagging and smothering. She orders him to lick the soles too and finally continues smothering him with both feet, until she thinks all of this is enough to make him understand he will have to be on time next time.

Models: Xena, Gianluca
Time 35:42
Size 2755 MB
Format MP4

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