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Slave Of A Manager 3 Full Version

Ivy goes to manager Lara for a job interview. The two women start talking, but suddenly Lara pulls out a cloth soaked with chloroform from her pocket and pushes it over Ivy's mouth and nose. Ivy struggles and makes muffled screams, but Lara keeps the cloth tight over her face until she faints.

Ivy wakes up. She is tied up and gagged on the couch. She struggles again for a couple of minutes, when Lara comes back and removes the tape gag from her mouth. Ivy immediately begs to let her go, but Lara puts a hand over her mouth and keeping her handgagged, she explains she captured her just to play with her for a while and if she doesn't allow herself to be subdued, she will become much more strict.

Lara takes off her high heels shoes and shows a close up of her sweaty and stinky feet in pantyhose. She puts a shoe over Ivy's mouth and nose, making her to smell it. Then she puts her both stinky feet in pantyhose over her mouth and nose, making her to smell them and smothering her too, because she pushes them tight. After doing this for some minutes, she takes a look at large feet in pantyhose of Ivy and tickles them. Ivy is ticklish, so she laughs so loud. Then Lara alternates shoe smelling, foot smother and tickling action for a little while longer.

Lara takes off her pantyhose and shows a close up of her bare feet. Then she puts them over Ivy's mouth and nose, smothering her. She puts them tight and closes her nostrils with stinky toes. Ivy makes muffled screams, while the manager Lara looks at her smiling sadistically. She has not mercy and continues this game for several minutes, alternating it with shoe smelling and foot tickling again.

Near the end, Ivy is very tired and begs Lara to let her go again. Lara had too much fun to play with her, so she decides to leave her tied up on the couch and returns the next day. Finally she puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose, to put her to sleep and make sure she stays quiet for a while. 

Models: Lara, Ivy Blonde
Time 38:35
Size 2796 MB
Format MP4

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