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Slave Of A Manager 4 (Full Version)

Susy is tied up and gagged on the bed. She starts struggling, when her manager and mistress Ivy enters in the bedroom and takes off the high heels shoes. She walks all day, so the feet are sweaty and stinky. She puts both shoes over Susy's nose, making her to smell them. Then she starts her favourite domination game and keeping the pantyhose on, she puts a foot over her mouth and nose and pushes it tight, making her to smell it and smothering her too. She continues in this way for several minutes, keeping a single foot over her mouth and nose and showing a close up of the other one under the veiled pantyhose, or pushing both large feet over her face, keeping only her eyes out.

Ivy takes off the pantyhose and shows to Susy her bare soles. Then she puts a stinky foot over her face, pinching the nose with toes and smothering her. Susy gag talks and makes muffled screams, while the manager Ivy looks at her smiling sadistically. She has not mercy and continues this game for several minutes, pushing a single foot over her mouth and nose pinching the nostrils, or closing the mouth with one foot and pinching the nose with the other one. When Susy can breathe, she can only smell the strong odour of the extremities of her manager/mistress.

Ivy decides to stop the game, but she wants ending it in the best way. She smothers Susy with a foot over her mouth and nose and keeps it until she passes out.

Models: Ivy Blonde, Susy Blue
Time 34:16
Size 2488 MB
Format MP4

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