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Under Their Feet 2 (Pantyhose Part)

Lauretta is tied up and gagged in the living room, near the couch. She struggles and makes muffled screams.

Daphne and Xena come back to home, after a long run. They are two sadistic and dominant women who want to play with their submissive friend. Their feet stink so much, because they keep pantyhose and socks for 3 days.

Xena takes off a shoe and pushes it roughly over Lauretta's face, making her to smell it. Lauretta shakes the head, disgusted. Daphne then follows her friend and puts a shoe over Lauretta's mouth and nose too.

The two dominant women show their feet under the white and sweaty socks. They put them over Lauretta's mouth and nose, pushing them tight. The poor woman can only smell the strong odour and struggles because of this. She didn't expect such humiliation.

Daphne thinks it is better removing the gag from Lauretta's mouth. She and Xena do it, but immediately afterwards they put two wet socks inside her mouth and continue dominating her with pantyhose on. They push the feet over her mouth and nose again, having fun to do it. Lauretta can't speak, because the socks inside her mouth and the toes over it don't allow her to. Sometimes Daphne and Xena smother her and when they don't do it, she has to smell deeply the bad odour. They continue this game until she passes out.

Models: Daphne, Xena, Lauretta
Time 22:21
Size 1720 MB
Format MP4

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